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    Natty News — Super Dread Shampoo

    Naturally Effective and Environmentally Friendly

    We Believe in the Preservation of the Earth for the Future Generations....

    Which is why All Our Super Dread Products are completely Natural, Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly. 


    We work Our hardest to create the Best Natural Dreadlock Products Available, using Only Strictly Ethically-Sourced, Organic Ingredients for Happy and Healthy Dreadlocks of All Hair Types and Textures. 

    There are No Synthetic Ingredients in Our products. It is Very Important Dreadlocks should be looked after Naturally and always best to steer clear of Synthetic Ingredients which will get trapped in the Dreadlocks, weaken hair follicles and irritate the scalp.

    The Perfect remedy of Plant - Based Organic Ingredients will Provide a Natural Deep Clean and Give Strengthening Nourishment to the Hair Follicles and Scalp. Creating the Ideal Environment for Dreadlocks to Flourish without worries about Harmful Chemical Absorption or Damage to your Dreads.


    All of Our Super Dread Products are 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly and Approved By The Vegan Society.



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    Positive Vibrations

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    The wait is over...


    The Super Dread Shop is Officially Open!!

    At The Super Dread Shop you will find everything needed to keep the Happiest, Healthiest Dreadlocks and a Big Smiling Face.

    Right now you can purchase a beautiful range of positive products Including our range of Super Dread Shampoo Bars, Made up of 100% Natural, Original Healing Remedies that have been approved by The Vegan Society.

    Please Bookmark Our Shop and Keep Checking Back for New and Exciting Products on the way.

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    Join us in Celebration of the Beautiful Global Diversity of Dreadlock Culture, Ancient Tradition and Positive Vibration.
    We Welcome ALL People! 

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