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    Super Dread have established a Brilliant reputation for Professional and Natural Dreadlock Care
    See Our Dread Care Services Website, Facebook Page and Instagram to Check out exactly what The Super Dread Team get up to! 

    The Super Dread Shop is an Online Dreadlock store based in the UK (shipping worldwide) providing Quality, Useful and Natural Dreadlock Products with Happy, Healthy Dreadlocks in mind. 



    Hair is a Reflection of Health and Healthy Hair can provide a Sacred Source of Happiness.

    Naturally, All Hair Types will begin the transformation into Dreadlocks given conditions such as not Cutting or Combing Hair and Washing Hair Regularly without Conditioning. Environmental conditions such as Sea Water and Sunshine can also act as a catalyst to knit Individual Hair strands together and Help Dreads Develop. Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Vikings, Peruvian Nazca, Maroons, Maasai, Maori and Aztecs have all been recorded wearing Dreadlocks and even before this, we can assume that Since the beginning of Our Existence on the Planet, Dreadlocks have also been Present in Our Natural Existence!!


    Original and Natural

    Since Dreadlocks in their Origin are Natural, No matter the Reason or the Person wearing them, Dreadlocks should be looked after Naturally Today. Whether living with Dreads in the Long Term or Short Term, Taking care of them is important and in turn they will always bring Confidence, Upliftment and Positive Vibrations to Everyday Life. 


    Mystic Connections

    At Super Dread we are Committed to Honest, Natural Dread Care and Helping Dreadlocks Flourish.

    We are here to Stop the Harmful attitudes, Unhelpful Products and Awful Mis-conceptions that many people have concerning Dreads and the People who wear them. At The Super Dread Shop you will find Our Natural, Helpful Products, Healing Remedies and Everything you need to Revolutionise your Dreadlocks and Celebrate the Beautiful Nature of Mystic Connections in Dreadlock Culture.

    This is Our Humble Foundation, Be sure to Check Out Our Eco Friendly, Natural Dreadlock Shampoo Range and Stay Tuned for Exciting Products and Many New Additions Coming Soon...


    One Love ♥

    The Super Dread Team