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    Natty News — dreadcare

    How to wash Dreadlocks with a Shampoo Bar

    <strong>How to wash Dreadlocks with a Shampoo Bar</strong>

    Hey Natty Dreadlocks, Dreadheads and Dreadlock Lovers!! We recognized that for many people, using a Shampoo Bar is a new concept or experience. So we decided to share with you six easy steps on how to wash your dreadlocks with our Super Dread Solid Dreadlock Shampoos. 

    Step 1: Remove your Super Dread Dreadlock Shampoo Bar from its packaging. 


    Step 2: Soak your Dreadlocks with fresh water.


    Step 3: Bring your Super Dread Dreadlock Shampoo Bar to a thick foamy lather in your hands, this is much easier and more effective than rubbing the bar directly on your dreads. 

    Step 4: Apply the shampoo lather to your scalp, massage it around the base of your dreads really focusing on the scalp.

    • Massaging your scalp while shampooing your dreads will increase blood-flow to the area, improve circulation and stimulate the hair follicles, helping to improve and increase your hair growth.
      • With Dreadlocks it is very important to have a clean scalp. This is because naturally the scalp produces sebum which lubricates and helps to protect our hair and skin. Over time it builds up, attracting dust and dirt which become trapped at the roots of dreadlocks. For people prone to dandruff it can encourage flare ups, while those with naturally oily hair might experience an itchy, uncomfortable feeling due to clogged pores. Harsh shampoos, synthetic chemical based cosmetic products, diet and atmospheric pollutants can also affect your scalp negatively.
    • Our Super Dread Shampoos have been specially formulated for All Hair Types, with Organic Ingredients to provide Deep Cleansing Nourishment and create the Perfect Environment for Happy, Healthy Dreadlocks.
                                                                                             "Bob Marley at Cane River" by Lee Jaffe

    Step 5: With your hands full of shampoo lather, grab a section of dreads and work the lather from the root to the tip. Repeat this step until you have covered all your dreadlocks with the rich natural foam.

    Step 6: The Most Important Step! Rinse your Dreads thoroughly - ALWAYS spend the majority of time rinsing and washing the shampoo out.  

    • Dreadlocks are a lot denser than undreaded hair, because of this each dread will act like a thick sponge absorbing as much liquid and soap as possible. This means you need to really ensure you rinse all of the absorbed soap out! 
    • Good thing you chose a Super Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar ♥ as the composition of the natural ingredients in ALL of our shampoos are completely biodegradable which makes them easy to rinse out!
    • While rinsing, individually squeeze your dreads from root to tip in a downwards motion and focus on rubbing/squeezing the roots - This is to ensure that there are no shampoo suds left within the dreads and they are feeling thoroughly clean and revitalized.

       Happy Shampooing!!


    Peace, Love and Positive Vibrations

    The Super Dread Team